Zip Line


You do not have to be muscular and physically strong, but all you need is a little mental preparation which allows you to experience an unforgettable experience and adventure full of adrenaline in your life.

Zip Line is a recreational activity that takes place with a flight at different lengths and at different altitudes.

Zip Line “Spiders” is located in the picturesque gorge of Rugova or more precisely in the 4th kilometer from Peja to the way of Rugova. It has a length of 640m and the flight is done at an altitude of up to 60m from the ground while your flight can reach speeds of up to 80km/h. What makes it even more attractive is the flight between the two rocks sides of Rugova Gorge and the flow of the river Lumbardhi which originates from the beautiful mountains of Rugova.

This project was developed in 2017 with the initiative of the Marimangat e Pejes association, while the financing was made from the municipality of Peja, Swiss Contact, and Marimangat e Pejes. It is a project and a success story that has given positive results in Kosovo by creating greater recreational and tourist opportunities, creating new jobs, and promoting adventure tourism.



This product has been developed and designed to be in line with the activity of Via Ferrata. What makes it unique is that your journey can start from Via Ferrata Marimangat where you have to cross the Tibetan bridge at 60m altitude and walk along the cliffs at an altitude of 300m you will reach the Zip Line from where you will experience the flight into the air reaching the other point of the Rugova Gorge from where you can continue with other Via Ferrata’s. So it is a product of adventure tourism which has created a good connection of canyon activities enabling you to cross 5km of the canyon only in the air. It is very rare and there is almost no place in the Balkans where you can find a more compact design of activities and experience the canyon through the combination of these activities.


Zip Line has been used very early by residents of different parts of the world who have lived in canyon locations and there has been a need to move from one point to another. Zip Line is also used for crossing rivers which have been quite fast. In the meantime, in several different countries, the transport of goods to different points has been done through a Zip Line.

In Australia and New Zealand this activity is known as “Flying Fox”, in the UK it is known as “Aerial Runways” and in South Africa as “Foofy Slides”. An older name used is “Cable Car”. It is now known worldwide as the “Zip Line”. But what is Zip Line? No matter what name is used Zip Line is made by a metal rope that is fixed at two points and people can fly thanks to the force of gravity by sliding (flying) and experiencing the emotions of flight and adrenaline.

Zip Line has now become one of the most attractive activities in tourism. In many urban places, they have started to build between the two buildings, increasing the number of urban tourist activities and adventure experiences in different ways.