Indoor Climbing

If you want to develop your skills for higher levels of Mountaineering where you need to use the necessary climbing techniques and equipment, or you have a willingness to learn the sport of rock climbing – this best can be offered by Marimangat e Pejes association. For this, the association owns a gym with an artificial rock climbing wall, where it conducts the necessary and professional training. But who can take part? Part of the training can be you, all age groups and regardless of gender who want to develop this sport or this skill which you will need in the future to realize experiences that give adrenaline and full of feelings.

The artificial climbing walls which are available in this gym are suitable for lessons of Bulldering, Top-Rope technique, Lead climbing techniques, Totem and grips, adaptation in rocks, fear management as well as teamwork. In addition to technical exercises, you will have the opportunity to practice physical exercises which enable you to build muscle, endurance, physical movement skills, balance where is treated the balance of muscle with body weight. While peace and mental control will be achieved through training that is designed to enhance psychic skills.

Rock Climbing is, therefore, an option that should be practiced by everyone. It is a sport and healthy activity which is also preferred for children who are not interested in traditional team sports. During the training, no heavy weight is used (but only the body weight) which is very important for achieving good endurance and not putting pressure on the muscles with overload.

Part of the training process is also the use of climbing equipment where you will spend enough hours practicing the rope filling as well as knots, safety equipment, equipment for ascending and descending and techniques of using this equipment in the different fields. 



The trainings that take place in the gym are part which is then also practiced in nature (on the rocks). So all those who do training in the gym will have the opportunity to be in nature where they will experience a different filling than the one offered in the gym. The trainings are mainly conducted in 3 climbing areas in Rugova Gorge which are more suitable for climbing development starting from the basic to the professional ones.



The trainings that take place in this sport always require physical and mental calm, so it is practiced that after regular trainings some time to be available for muscle stretching which is followed by a meditation that helps your body and soul to find a tranquility where you will overcome your daily stress.


Rock climbing is recognized as a sport by the World Olympic Committee of Sport and from 2020 will also be part of the World Olympic Games. This is one of the main goals of the association that aims to prepare the new generations to be part of these important world competitions. Therefore, take the advantage and opportunity offered by Marimangat e Pejes to be part of the trainings to become professional in this sport and to be part of world competitions and also make Peja proud of this unique sport.



The day of your loved one (child) is an important day and every parent wants to make that day as great as possible. For this Marimangat e Pejes offer you a completely different opportunity to organize it where in addition ceremony which takes place under the sounds of music, children can also have fun during the climbing in the artificial wall while for their care are available trainers with long experience.